Alcohol Use Policy

Alcohol Use Policy

Turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana “What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.” –John 2:11

The First Church alcohol policy is considerate and compassionate to those who may discourage the use of alcohol. Approvals for alcoholuse will be deliberate and thoughtful.

First Church allows the use of alcohol at celebrations and fellowship events, with appropriate oversight and safeguards to avoid abuse or misuse.Alcohol cannot be the primary focus of an event (like a wine tasting fundraiser, for example).

It is expected that most requests will be for fermented beverages (champagne, wine, beer, cider), and any requests for distilled alcohol will be rejected. Charging separate fees or selling drinks will not be allowed.

All requests will be reviewed by the Leadership Team. If approval is granted, any conditions listed mustbe adhered to, including any permit or insurance requirements. Groups under the care, custody, or control of First Church (meaning church sponsored) are covered under the church’s insurance policy. Any group not affiliated with First Church wishing to serve alcohol on church property must provide a copy of their certificate of insurance listing First Church as Additional Insured, and they will also need a one day liquor permit from the town.

This policy will begin as a two-year trial, and will need to be reaffirmed, or modified, every two years thereafter.

Anyone wishing to apply to serve alcohol at an event at First Church must fill out the Alcohol Use Application Form.

Questions on the Alcohol Policy

Q. Does the church have existing insurance for this policy, or does it need to purchase additional insurance?

A. Our existing insurance policy covers incidental alcohol use, which is what most of these events would be. For larger events, the church can purchase an insurance binder for the event, or the requester (or caterer) may need to provide the extra insurance coverage.

Q. What is the approval process for alcohol use at FCC?

A. After the application is submitted to the office, the Leadership Team will vote on the application. A majority vote is required for approval.

Q. Will all types of alcohol be allowed to be consumed?

A. It is expected that requests will be predominately for fermented drinks (e.g. champagne, wine, beer, cider), and use of distilled liquor (e.g. rum, whiskey, gin, etc.) will not be allowed. The Leadership Team will decide what may or may not be consumed, and its decision will be final.

Q. What safeguards will be used avoid abuse of alcohol?

A. The applicant (host) must list the estimated number of attendees, estimated amount of alcohol, and methods to control abuse. The applicant must also provide non-alcoholic beverages.

Q. Can this policy be changed or rescinded in the future.

A. Yes, the proposal is for a two year period, with reaffirmation every two years thereafter. This allows for adjustment and re-evaluation based upon actual experience.

Q. Will alcohol be served at all church events?

A. It is expected that most church wide events, especially if minors are present, will be alcohol free. It is expected that most requests will be for smaller gatherings where the majority of guests are adults.

Approved by Church Council and Congregational Members on November 2, 2014.