Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

Clean Energy

Are You A Bystander? If you believe that global warming is real and largely the result of human activity, but don’t know what you, as an individual can do about it, or that your actions won’t make a difference, then consider taking the following action steps. During the next several [more…]

Styrofoam Banned for Church Use

The Environmental Justice Team has advised the church to ban use of Styrofoam for food products in our church and the church is in the process of doing so. Styrofoam is dangerous to your health.   Our team strongly advises all not to use Styrofoam for food use.  When in contact [more…]

Renewable Energy

Viridian is an independent energy provider which provides affordable renewable electricity in Massachusetts.  Sign up with Viridian and First Church will receive a monthly amount to support our mission and programs. Enrollment is free and only takes a few minutes.  Plus, your utility still delivers your energy, services your equipment, [more…]