Pioneer Valley Project

Pioneer Valley Project

PVP Update (March 2020)

Here is a follow up from the most recent PVP meeting:

  • We are continuing to move forward on campaigns related to housing, the opioid crisis and more.  We are forming teams for each of these campaigns which will drive campaign research, strategy and lead mobilization as needed.  Please get in touch if you would like to join a campaign committee!
  • We are asking for delegates from every member organization to attend PVP monthly meetings.  This can be from 1-3 people who act as the liaison(s) between PVP and their organization.  Delegates can receive training for their role if requested.  It’s really important that all of our member groups are at the table as we determine our direction.
  • We will be forming a Racial Justice Book Group in April!  The book is “So You Want to Talk About Race,” by Ijeoma Oluo.  The group is open to all PVP members and discussions will be facilitated.  Please get in touch if you would like to participate!

Here is recent media coverage of PVP’s work:

PVP Micah Awards Event

February 8, 2020

Mary Friedman and a group of First Church of Christ members attended the Pioneer Valley Micah Awards on February 8, 2020 where our own Rev. Marisa received an award for her tireless advocacy and action for Social Justice and Peace. Below are copies of Mary’s Call to Action and Pastor Marisa’s Award Biography.

Call to Action

First Church of Christ In Longmeadow joined the Pioneer Valley Project (PVP) last year.  There is wonderful diversity in PVP’s member groups which makes it a great way for our church to form meaningful relationships with a wider range of people, and enrich all of our lives. We are surely all in this together.

PVP gives us that opportunity for engagement. Recently First Church learned about the Nguni Bantu term “ubuntu”.  This concept means “I am because you are.”  My well being depends on your well-being. This idea is central to the work of the Pioneer Valley Project. If one of us or a group of us suffers from injustice, we all suffer.  All of our faiths teach us this.

Our country and our world are hurting.  We see daily the effects of hatred, division, and violence.  We, as individuals, faith communities, and other concerned groups are needed to act. …

Pioneer Valley Project

Save the Date!
Pioneer Valley Project’s Community Action Meeting

Tuesday, October 29th – 6:00-8:00 PM

Location TBA, Springfield

Join Us As We Take Action for:
-Quality Public Schools
-Addressing the Opioid Crisis
-Safe and Affordable Housing
-Ending Gun Violence

As new members of PVP we want to have a good turnout for this! Let’s show them that First Church CARES about what happens in the city! If you can go, please let Mary Friedman or Anne Landry know.

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”
-Cornell West