Current Officers

Officers: Moderator: Susan Kennedy Vice-Moderator: Shirley Fassell Clerk: Eleanor Santos Treasurer: Stewart Creelman The Leadership Team: Assistant Treasurer: Whiting Houston Past Moderator: Steve Gelling Liaison for Worship: Maribeth White Liaison for Spiritual Life: Diane Peluso Liaison for Congregational Life:  Anne Landry Liaison for Mission in the World: Mora Geoffrion Liaison [more…]

Notes from the Moderator

by Susan Kennedy April 17, 2016 Are you getting the E-News and The Church on the Green Newsletter? There are so many ways to keep up with what’s happening at First Church! E-News:  If you use email, sign up to receive a message each Thursday. Communications Director Deb Garrity compiles [more…]

Structure Evaluation Session Notes

Notes from Sessions Held April 4, 6, and 10 2016 Present: More than 25 Members, several staff members, Pastors Jay and Marisa, Leadership Team members Susan Kennedy, Dwight Shepard, Candy Heaphy, Mora Geoffrion, Ken White, Kristin Thomas, Stew Creelman, Rosemarie Jarrett. Steve Gelling and Marieke Burt. Participants were given a [more…]

Prayer for our Congregation

During Lent and Holy Week, please pray the following Psalm and prayer for our congregation. Psalm 122 Song of Praise and Prayer for Jerusalem 1 I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord!” 2 Our feet are standing within your gates, [more…]

Make Your Pledge

This year we offer TWO online vehicles for you to support First Church: Set up secure automatic contributions using your credit card, debit card, or bank account. It’s easy to set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly contributions. Visit the online pledge center to set up automatic contributions for 2018 [more…]

Building Security

The Leadership Team approved the following at its June, 2015 meeting. Electronic locks have been installed on the Williams Street door and both doors that lead to the Buxton hallway. An alarm has been installed on the door leading from the sacristy hallway (behind the choir). To ensure staff, congregation, [more…]

Ministry Teams

First Church Officers Moderator: Susan KennedyVice Moderator: Shirlee Fassell Treasurer: Stew Creelman Clerk: Eleanor SantosDownload the current list of teams and members LEADERSHIP TEAM: Coordinates and promotes the entire program of the church. The Leadership Team consists of the pastors, the officers, and the liaison from each of the ministry [more…]