September 2016 COG

Pastor Column:  What a Year This Will Be! Contents: Associate Pastor Column Church School Leaders Sought Homecoming Sunday & Farmer’s Market 300th Anniversary Events Patrick and Francoise Villier to Visit from Haiti Called to Care Christmas… on the Green Thank you to the Longmeadow DPW Women’s Benevolent Goodie Swap & [more…]

August 2016 COG

Pastor Column:  Come Away by Yourself by Dr. Jay Contents: Wine Option at Communion?? Associate Pastor Column From the Deacons Bench 300th Anniversary News: Mission: 300 update; Upcoming Events, Rev. Patrick and Mrs. Villier to Visit from Haiti, Stephen Williams Exhibit at Storrs House Habitat Circle of Faith Build Update:  [more…]

July 2016 COG

Cover Article:  Looking Back and Looking Forward by Dr. Jay Contents: Associate Pastor Column Summer Worship:  Sermon Series and Outdoor Worship Called to Care 300th Anniversary News: Mission: 300 update; Upcoming Events Habitat Circle of Faith Build Update:  Pictures from the construction site FEF Announces Tanglewood Outings Christmas Fair Notice [more…]

June 2016 COG

Cover Article:  Thriving Communities by Dr. Jay Contents: Wine at Holy Communion Associate Pastor Column Haiti Matters 300th Anniversary News: Mission: 300 update; May Breakfast Summer Worship Series Summer Outdoor Worship Strengthen the Church Collection Interfaith Art Camp Celebrate John Gerry-Karajanes 17 Years of Music Ministry Women’s Benevolent Planning Party [more…]

May 2016 COG

Cover Article:  All the Meetings of All Our Church Teams Are Open to Everyone by Dr. Jay Contents: Associate Pastor Column Call to Special All-Church Meeting By-Law Amendments Budget Forum Structure Evaluation Listening Session News & Reviews from the Church Library Nominations for Leadership Team and Other Positions Getting to [more…]

April 2016 COG

Pastor’s Message:  A Great Year in the Works Contents: Jazz Worship Service Financial News New Opportunities to Strengthen First Church Invitation to Evaluate Our Current Structure Leadership Team News Prayer Shawl Ministry Haiti Matters 300th Anniversary News:  Mission 300, Bus Trip to Deerfield, May Breakfast Events:  Friday Evening Fellowship, Men’s [more…]

March 2016 COG

Pastor’s Message:  A Letter to the Community Stewardship of Resources Team Needs You Lenten Dinners & Study Holy Week/Easter Associate Pastor Column Adult Ed Morning Series:  Race–the Power of an Illusion 300th Anniversary News:  Mission 300, Bus Trip to Deerfield Events:  Friday Evening Fellowship, World Day of Prayer Pastoral Search [more…]

February 2016 COG

Pastor’s Message:  Some Thoughts About Pilgrim Hymnals (and other issues as well!) Contents: Lent:  Ash Wednesday Service, Lenten Dinners/Discussion, Adult Education Programs for Lent Moderator’s Message Christmas on the Green recap 300th Anniversary News Events:  Climate Change Talk, February Fling, Women’s Benevolent Ladies Night Out, Faith on Tap, Women’s Ministries, [more…]

January 2016 COG

Pastor’s Message: The Year Ahead Contents: Christmas Recap: Fair, Mitten Tree, Looking ahead to Epiphany Associate Pastor’s Corner 300th News Environmental Justice Speaker & Gathering Faith on Tap Women’s Book Group Movie Nights View the January 2016  COG  

COG December 2015

Cover article:  The Silence of Christmas by Dr. Jay Contents: Advent and Christmas: Services, Mitten Tee, Poinsettias, Christmas Youth Singers Announcement Advent Vespers, Supper and Study Events: Friday Evening Fellowship, Wilbraham Choral Society Concert, Christmas Fair, Women’s Book Group, Faith on Tap 300th:  A Note from Rev. Dr. Dan Leavitt (pastor [more…]