Where We Serve

Where We Serve

Who We Serve Through Mission Support

Service to others is at the heart of our faith.  Jesus called us to “care for my people.”  We invite everyone to join us in this work. We recognize that service is a source of our strength and, as such, encourage hands-on participation in it by members and friends of our congregation.  Our high school youth group participates in an annual mission trip so they can experience the joy of helping others.

At First Church we strive to balance local and global mission support, placing emphasis on organizations with active church member involvement.  In September, 2014 we hosted several of the local organizations we support at a Mission Fair to help people learn more about them.  Information about many of the organizations can be found in our mission fair booklet, and photos of the fair can be seen in our mission fair photo album.

Below are some of the agencies that we have recently supported through monetary contributions, service or other donations:

Action Centered Tutoring provides faith-based, after-school tutoring for youth in Springfield

CONASPEH supports growth of Protestant churches, education, medical clinics, and economic development in Haiti. An ad-hoc committee oversees this effort.  More about First Church’s commitment to mission in Haiti can be found on the Haiti page.


For over 15 years, First Church has been involved with CONASPEH, a non-governmental organization that was formed in 1986 by 50 Protestant Haitian ministers. CONASPEH has 4,000 member churches and plays an important role in the economic, social, religious, and intellectual development of Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Conaspeh logoIn 1995, First Church gave $50,000 for a CONASPEH headquarters that served as a school, medical clinic, and office for economic development until it was destroyed during the earthquake in January, 2010. First Church continues to support CONASPEH by providing tution scholarships to the school. In 2009, over $10,000 was donated to the fifth Haiti Scholarship Fund Drive. The CONASPEH school reopened under tents and among trees in April, 2010. The 2010 fund drive concentrated on donations to help the school rebuild. We continue to support the school by holding an annual Scholarship Fund Drive.  Please consider donating to the Haiti Scholarship Fund Drive.

Many members of First Church have traveled to Haiti to provide hands-on help in the areas of education, communication, computers, and medical services. Members of the Senior YES! youth group have also traveled to Haiti. They have helped out at both the CONASPEH school and at an orphanage.…

Loaves and Fishes

First Church members have been donating meals for the homeless, by way of the Loaves and Fishes program, for many years.  First Church is responsible for providing the meals on the second Sunday of the month, as well as the fourth Monday and Wednesday.

Loaves and Fishes serves as many as 228 people for lunch at the end of the month – many of them children. Many families have had their SNAP benefits reduced and are relying on this ministry to help.

L-F Cooking 2-17-16

Be a part of this vital mission!

  • Bring your donations at any time during the month. We can freeze or store the food and use as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the grocery store fliers and buy the items on sale.
  • Watch the church calendar and emails for times when you come come help cook meals in the church kitchen.

Ministry Teams

First Church Officers

Moderator: Shirlee Fassell
Treasurer: Stew Creelman
Clerk: Eleanor Santos
Download the current list of teams and members

LEADERSHIP TEAM: Coordinates and promotes the entire program of the church. The Leadership Team consists of the pastors, the officers, and the liaison from each of the ministry teams:

Stewardship of Resources (Liaison: Marieke Burt)

  • Treasurers
  • Budget Team
  • Financial Secretaries
  • Investment and Finance
  • Buxton Room Decorators
  • Property Team
  • Leadership Development and Nominations
  • Memorial Fund and Memorial Garden
  • Personnel
  • Montessori Lease

Congregational Life (Liaison: Anne Landry)

Community Outreach (Liaisons: Mary Friedman and Sue Monks)

Worship (Liaison: Ann Wolpert)

Mission in the World (Liaison: Mora Geoffrion)

Spiritual Life (Liaison: Diane Peluso)