Confirmation is a two year program which begins in 7th grade.  At the end of these two years, students are invited to affirm their baptisms and become members of First Church.  The Celebration of Confirmation usually take place during a chosen worship service in May or early June.  Each confirmation student is paired with an adult mentor who guides them through the process of learning to be faithful disciples of Christ.

Confirmation 1 (7th Grade)

The Confirmation 1 class, for students in 7th grade, meets on the same Sunday mornings as our Faith First Sunday School classes. They begin each week in worship and are dismissed with the younger children to join their teacher in a classroom dedicated to the Confirmation class. This class consists of higher level activities such as bonding activities, in-depth discussions, mission projects and other content necessary for a young adult to make an informed decision about affirming his/her baptism through Confirmation in eighth grade.  This class is taught by a lead teacher each week.

Confirmation 2 (8th Grade)

The Confirmation 2 class, for students in 8th grade, meets twice a month following worship, from October to May. This year long program provides instruction and conversations about the Christian faith, its practices, expressions, history and beliefs. The confirmation class typically takes one weekend retreat as a bonding exercise. A cross making session provides the students the opportunity to design and make their own silver cross, which is fine tuned and polished to be presented to them on Confirmation Sunday. Upon completion of this program, confirmands are invited to become members of First Church.