Current Officers

Current Officers


  • Moderator: Shirley Fassell
  • Vice-Moderator:
  • Clerk: Eleanor Santos
  • Treasurer: Stewart Creelman

The Leadership Team:

  • Assistant Treasurer: Whiting Houston
  • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Kennedy
  • Past Moderator: Steve Gelling
  • Liaison for Worship: Ann Wolpert
  • Liaison for Spiritual Life: Diane Peluso
  • Liaison for Congregational Life:  Anne Landry
  • Liaison for Mission in the World: Mora Geoffrion
  • Liaison for Stewardship of Resources: Marieke Burt
  • Co-Liaisons for Community Outreach: Mary Friedman & Sue Monks
  • Members-at-Large: Frank Smith, Wanona Dobbs

Other Leadership:

  • Stewards (at least 9):Stewart Creelman, Susan Dugan, Whiting Houston, Susan Kennedy, Stephen Kennedy, Nola Kulig, Gary Mazzarino,  John Ouellette, Ted Steger, Deb Halpin, Frank Smith, Christina Carroll, Shirlee Fassell, Marieke Burt
  • (The Property Team, Personnel Team, and Investment and Finance Team shall each include at least 3 Stewards.)
  • Financial Secretary:  Richard Volk
  • Assistant Financial Secretaries: Stephen Kennedy, Katie Glasgow

updated February, 2019