Current Officers

Current Officers


  • Moderator: Susan Kennedy
  • Vice-Moderator: Shirley Fassell
  • Clerk: Eleanor Santos
  • Treasurer: Stewart Creelman

The Leadership Team:

  • Assistant Treasurer: Whiting Houston
  • Past Moderator: Steve Gelling
  • Liaison for Worship: Maribeth White
  • Liaison for Spiritual Life: Diane Peluso
  • Liaison for Congregational Life:  Anne Landry
  • Liaison for Mission in the World: Mora Geoffrion
  • Liaison for Stewardship of Resources: Marieke Burt
  • Co-Liaisons for Community Outreach: Mary Friedman & Sue Monks
  • Members-at-Large: Rosemarie Jarrett, Anne Wolpert, Lisa Gore

Other Leadership:

  • Stewards (at least 9): Marieke Burt, Stewart Creelman, Susan Dugan, Whiting Houston      Stephen Kennedy, Nola Kulig, Don Murphy, John Ouellette, Ted Steger
    (The Property Team, Personnel Team, and Investment and Finance Team shall each include at least 3 Stewards.)
  • Financial Secretary:  Richard Volk
  • Assistant Financial Secretaries: Stephen Kennedy, Katie Glasgow

updated February, 2018