Storytelling Concert: Jennifer Munro

Storytelling Concert: Jennifer Munro

Photo of Jennifer Munro
  • Date: Feb 152019
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Location: Buxton Room

Jennifer Munro has been telling stories since 1987.  However, the real adventure began when she started creating her own stories.  Some of these stories are based on the unusual characters that have populated her life, others are myths and fairy tales informed by personal experience, while others are old stories merely disguised in modern garb.  No matter the source, Jennifer’s stories are always beautifully crafted, artfully woven, and contain within them the seeds of universal significance.

Jennifer is a dynamic storyteller who uses “words like brush strokes painting pictures and creating images on the canvas of our imaginations.” Sometimes the audience joins in with actions and song, and sometimes they sit silently absorbed weaving mental images only they are privileged to see.  Her soothing British accent and wry sense of humor intrigue and enthrall the audience creating a magic spell all their own.

Jennifer’s repertoire includes myths, folktales, legends, ghost stories, literary tales, and fairy tales.  She also tells personal stories about granddads that play tricks, aunts with false eyes, dead chickens that fly and dads who wear hair rollers!

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This event is part of the Storytelling on the Green series.