2019 Ice Cream Caper

2019 Ice Cream Caper

This year the Family Ministries Team, with the help of the entire congregation, will begin a quest to discover where to go for the best ice cream in the area.  This unscientific quest will begin on Sunday, June 30th, at the Mountain View Restaurant in Hampden and conclude with Randall’s Farm and Corn Maze in Sept. (date TBD). 

What’s the procedure?

We will gather at the following ice cream establishments on the following dates.  Each family (or individual if not in a family group) will have one vote (on a scale of 1 – 5) for each place.  We will keep track on a poster at the church.  At the end of the season we’ll announce who we decided had the best ice cream for Summer 2019!

Who can participate?

Everyone!  Families and individuals, everyone who loves ice cream!  Come join us and get to know each other.  You don’t have to come to each and every event.  Come when you can.  As stated above, this is all very unscientific and is meant to be fun!

When and Where?

All events are on Sunday afternoons:

June 30th @ 4:00 PM – Mountain View Restaurant, 25 Allen St., Hampden

July 28th @  4:00 PM – Cold Stone Creamery, 1000 W Columbus Ave., Springfield

Aug. 4th @ 2:00 PM – The Apple Place, 540 Somers Rd. (Rt. 83), E. Longmeadow

Aug. 11th @ 2:00 PM – McCray’s Farm Country Creamery, 55 Alvord St, South Hadley

Sept. 15th @ 3:00 PM – Cindy’s Drive In, 455 E State St, Granby

Sept. 29 @ 4:00 PM – Elsie’s Creamery at Randall’s Farm, 631 Center St., Ludlow (app. 4:00 PM, after the Corn Maze)