Forgive for Good by Dr Fred Luskin

Forgive for Good by Dr Fred Luskin

Forgive for Good by Luskin

a book review by Julie Pohlman

Forgiving can be very hard for many of us, even though we are taught all our religious life to forgive as Jesus did.  There are many references to forgiving in the New Testament—forgive 7 times 70, forgive them for they do not know what they do, forgive as the father in the prodigal son story, and many others.  As Christians we all want to forgive, but sometimes we just can’t seem to get there.  All the memories of what wrong we feel befell us gets in the way.

Forgive for Good” gives us practical tools for how to forgive, and discusses scientific & psychiatric reasons of why forgiving is good for our health, our psyche, and our happiness.  “Forgive for Good” is interesting reading and a fairly fast read as well.

Forgive for Good can be found in the Life Problems and Passages section of our library.