Friends Next Door

Friends Next Door

An Interfaith Bible Study

Pastors Pam and Marisa are part of a local interfaith clergy group made up of members who are Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal, United Church of Christ and more. This group is launching a bible study this fall and next spring, teaming up different pairs of local clergy and offering it to all of our community together.

Interfaith Bible Study Part II
Thursdays in the Spring 2019
•  April 11, 7pm at Sinai Temple

The Bible study will look at stories out of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Ruth, Esther and more.

These will take place at local area faith communities in Longmeadow, E. Longmeadow or the Springfield border (to be announced soon!), and will be led by pairs of local interfaith clergy, including Pastors Pam and Marisa.