Islamic Council Statement on Church Bombings in Egypt

Islamic Council Statement on Church Bombings in Egypt

Dear Friends  and Inter Faith Colleagues .

The members of the Islamic Society, Imam and the Board, wish you all God’s Abundant Blessings during your Holidays.

We are also shocked  by the news of Barbaric  killings of worshipers in two churches on this Palm Sunday. What a shame. We had just deliberated on the Book by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Not in God’s Name, Confronting Religious Violence, and here the adherents of this group ISIS, have committed this heinous act in God’s name.

Muslims all over the world condemn this terrorist act  and stand with members of Christian Community in Egypt, and elsewhere.

The Islamic Council of New England has quickly released  a statement which is shared by the Islamic Society of Western Mass, and I wanted to share it with with all of you.

May the Almighty God send His Blessings and PEACE on Earth.

M.Saleem Bajwa


Islamic Council Statement on Church Bombings in Egypt

The Islamic Council of New England, which is an umbrella organization for many of the Islamic Centers in this geographic area, expresses its profound outrage at the barbaric slaughter of innocent Egyptian Coptic Christians celebrating Palm Sunday services within the sanctuaries of their churches.

Such a diabolical act is totally outside the pale of Islam, and sadly but predictably for Muslims, the so-called ‘Islamic State’ — which is neither Islamic nor a state — has claimed responsibility for this heinous crime. The Muslim community is shocked and saddened by such evil. In extending its deepest condolences to the relatives of the tragic victims, it stands in solidarity with all those who have been subject to similar attacks of unprovoked barbarism. It urges the Egyptian government to take all necessary actions to bring the murderers to justice, and to provide the full protection of the law to all minority religions in the country.

Ms Fatma Antar
President, Islamic Council

Dr. Abdul Cader Asmal
Chairman of Communications