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Monday nights during Lent

“Was it the Holy Spirit talking or the pizza I just ate?” asks author Phyllis Tickle, reflecting the appropriate skepticism any of us feel when we hear people claim they have been divinely guided. Yet just because there is reason for skepticism does not mean the Spirit is silent. Join Rev. Eric Elnes Ph.D. in a seven-part video series exploring how the voice of God speaks to us, what we can do to strengthen the connection, and ways we can discern the Spirit’s “voice” amidst the static.

Mondays February 19 – March 19, 7:00–8:30 pm in the Buxton Room led by Pastors Pam and Marisa with video guests

February 19: “Finding Your Cave” with Yvette Flunder
February 26: “Breathe” with Jack Levinson
March 5: “Contemplation: Centering Prayer” with Phileena Heuertz
March 12: “Prayer and Healing” with Bruce Epperly
March 19: “Meet the Committee” with Carl McColman