Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes

Members serving at Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen

First Church members have been donating meals for the homeless, by way of the Loaves and Fishes program, for many years.  First Church is responsible for providing the meals on the second Sunday of the month, as well as the fourth Monday and Wednesday.

Loaves and Fishes serves as many as 228 people for lunch at the end of the month – many of them children. Many families have had their SNAP benefits reduced and are relying on this ministry to help.

L-F Cooking 2-17-16

Be a part of this vital mission!

  • Bring your donations at any time during the month. We can freeze or store the food and use as needed.
  • Keep an eye on the grocery store fliers and buy the items on sale.
  • Watch the church calendar and emails for times when you come come help cook meals in the church kitchen.