Ruth Perry Award

Ruth Perry Award

Ruth Perry

The Ruth Perry Award was established by First Church through donations from its members to honor Ruth Perry for her contributions to the musical ministry of First Church.  The intent of the award is to recognize those graduating high school seniors who have participated in the musical life of the church.

Each year the Music Committee may vote to award one or more awards from the interest accrued in the Ruth Perry Scholarship Fund.  The recipient(s) and the amount(s) of the individual award(s) will be determined by a majority vote of members of the Music Committee, the Minister and Director of Music.  It will be the prerogative of the Music Committee to abstain from awarding any grant in any given year.

Applications are now closed.  The application is open to high school seniors in May each year.


The Recipient must:

  1. be a member of First Church.
  2. be a graduating high school senior who is pursuing post high school studies.
  3. have been an active participant in the musical life of First Church. Examples of active participation are:
    • Membership in church musical organizations
    • Instrumental performance at church services
    • Musical participation at other church activities
    • Assistance to the Director of Music, e.g. help with the Cherub or Joyful Noyse choirs; assistance at church-related musical functions; cataloging of music; other assistance at the discretion of the Director of Music.

Application Process

A completed online application must be submitted to the Music Committee. the application form is made available in May each year.

by May 31.  Selection will be based on this application and, at the discretion of the Committee, a personal interview.


The award, in the form of a check, will be presented directly to the recipient(s) on June 4.

Application Form

Please submit this application form by May 31, 2017.

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Date of Birth: *
Address: *
Parent/ Guardian Name: *
Name of College or intended place of study: *
What field are you considering? *
Please list all the music related activities in which you have participated at First Church: *
List other activities in which you have participated at First Church: *
List community or school activities in which you have participated:
In a paragraph, please tell us what participating and/or assisting in the First Church music program has meant to you. Please be specific in your response. *