Look In the Mirror

Look In the Mirror

This week, Jesus tells a story about a man who is forgiven for not paying his bills. But then the same man is unwilling to forgive another for the same thing.

Who are we in the story?

Are we expected to do what God does?

I can just hear the second guy now- The same thing?

It is obviously not the same thing–how could it be?

I didn’t mean to mess up. My intentions were good. It’s not my fault. My dog made me do it. I overslept. My mom was supposed to help me. I was sick. My car wouldn’t start. You have me confused with someone else. I have never done anything like that. You’re picking on me. You don’t understand me. I’m a good person. Don’t we always assume we are the person who forgave? Come hear why Jesus’ parables were not appreciated then- -and why we’re not too crazy about them now.