Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Are You A Bystander?

If you believe that global warming is real and largely the result of human activity, but don’t know what you, as an individual can do about it, or that your actions won’t make a difference, then consider taking the following action steps. During the next several months, we in Longmeadow and Western Mass have the unique opportunity to convince our State Legislators to pass a carbon fee/rebate bill that will have a dramatic effect in lowering the use of carbon fuels, helping our economy, and setting an example for other states and eventually the federal government to follow.

Step 1.   Educate yourself about Barrett Bill S 1747 by reading the following attachments:

Step 2.   Read, sign, and send this letter to your legislator and their two leaders.

Step 3.   Contact your relatives, friends, co-workers, and business leaders in Massachusetts and encourage them to follow your lead.

Step 4.  Take satisfaction that you are part of a growing movement that is having a positive effect in proper Stewardship of the Earth and that you are NO LONGER JUST A BYSTANDER.

Mark Pohlman
Environmental Justice Team