Styrofoam Banned for Church Use

Styrofoam Banned for Church Use

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The Environmental Justice Team has advised the church to ban use of Styrofoam for food products in our church and the church is in the process of doing so.

Styrofoam is dangerous to your health.   Our team strongly advises all not to use Styrofoam for food use.  When in contact with hot foods and acidic and oily foods, the Styrofoam separates into styrene and benzene and then some small particles are ingested. Exposure to styrene is highly correlated to developing lymphoma and leukemia and multiple forms of other cancers or maladies.

Styrofoam is not recyclable, excepting for non food use Styrofoam which can be cut up into smaller pieces such as “peanuts”. Over time, the Styrofoam will break down and end up in dumps or more likely the ocean. For it to disappear completely, it is reported to take ~ 500 years. There are good substitutes for Styrofoam products so please use them instead.

Check our Environmental Justice Bulletin Board, or read a more complete discussion of Styrofoam in the Environmental Justice Team’s Styrofoam Report.